Services: Dream Interpretation or Individual Tarot Reading

Dream Interpretation — Via email (, please explain your dream. As you mention symbols, for instance, a staircase, I’ll email you a brief list of them asking what the first word(s) is that comes to mind. In this way, we use your thoughts, your subconscious, your unconscious, your principles, your knowings, your wisdom, to support your ability in being your own guide. My goal is not to lead you, but to support you in leading yourself. Once we’ve gathered all keywords from your dream, I’ll pull two Tarot cards for further clarification, then email you a photo copy of the cards and interpretation. Depending on how quickly we complete our email exchange, this can be done in 30-60 minutes.

Individual Tarot Card Reading — Ask me a question and I’ll pull cards to help you gain clarity on the subject.

Price for Dream Interpretation and Individual Tarot Card Reading: $65.00 USD each / Per 30 minutes.

Submit payment to: (located in the U.S.), (or if the former does not go through). (Once received, Interpretation or Personal Tarot reading will be emailed to you within two-days). *Full refund if not completely satisfied (must be submitted via email within 30 days of purchase).