December 2018 Forecast

*As a result of preparing, packing, moving, and traveling, all Forecasts, New Moon’s and Full Moon writings have been missed since October 2018.

December 2018 Forecast – “Chaos”

1. Many parts that have not found their place to land.
2. Use your creativity wisely to arrange those moving parts into something you want.
3. Chaos brings anticipation of something new.
4. Stabilize the chaos.
5. Keeping moving parts from solidifying too soon.
6. Limping into December feeling pushed to our limit.
7. Healing our deepest emotional wounds.
8. Letting go of attachments.
9. Stay focused on the priorities that are not overwhelming.
10. Break the larger projects into smaller steps.
11. New construction makes quite a mess.
12. Beware of projecting on to others your discomfort.
13. Recreate your container that supports your attitude.
14. Small tasks may feel insignificant but they are all steps along the way.
15. Watch what you say.
16. A little spontaneity can be a welcome change.
17. New relationships fraught with confusion trying to see through fog of uncertainty.
18. Handle new connections with care and good boundaries until you gain clarity about where the relationship is going.
19. Accept without resistance those times that feel unstable.
20. Good creative ideas often emerge out of chaos.
21. To be ahead of the game — a) Don’t get lost in chaos, b) Hold your vision, c) Take care of the clear details. 
22. Set good boundaries around what will work for you and what won’t.
23. Make little lists so you don’t let something important fall through the cracks.
24. Let it all hang out just a little bit.
25. Making major decisions.
26. Watch the tendency to overthink what was done by others.
27. Stay away from anything that does not feel loving.
28. Ritual releasing the past and bringing new energy.
29. If you let go of attachment, you will be better able to enjoy what is in front of you instead of yearning about what did not happen or what you could have done differently.
30. Spreading joy, love and friendship.
Intention / Inquiry / Contemplation:
Letting go of all attachments and projections supports me in making major love decisions.
1. Completion (XXI / Upright) — Coming to a point of completion in the *ever-changing flow of life; Perceive the whole picture through the composite of *all the small pieces; Whatever has been absorbing your time and energy is now coming to an end; Clearing the space for something new to begin; Celebrate the end of the old and the coming of the new; Not to say everything means to give an opportunity to the listener to complete it; Witness these things which constitute the world; The world will end but the mirror will remain, mirroring nothing (Osho Zen, pp. 44-45).
2. Sharing (Queen of Fire/Wands / Upright) — So rich she can afford to give; Dispenses her treasures without limit; Opportunity to share your love, joy and laughter; In sharing you feel even more full; No need to go anywhere or make any special effort; Enjoys sensuality without possessiveness or *attachment; *Everything seems to be ‘coming together’ now; Moving above to the heart; Whole life becomes a sharing of love; So overflowing with love that you want to share; Having *reached the center of your being; Explosion of a blessing hits your heart and opens you heart; The heart is just in the middle of all your seven centers — Three centers below, Three centers above, You *have come exactly to the middle (pp. 50-51).
IMG-5353   IMG-7317
Things which constitute the world, absorb my time, and no longer mirror anything, now come to an end. Having come exactly to my center — My Heart — love explodes.
Focusing on what can be instead of what was motivates me to cut cords going back as old as eight years, four years and one year. With this, I separate and consecrate Love (e.g. necessary action) from Experience (e.g. outdated attachments). 
Osho Zen Tarot. (1994). The transcendental game of zen. St. Martin’s Press: New York.
Published December 14, 2018 4:54pm — JCN

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