Virgo New Moon on September 09, 2018

Virgo New Moon on September 09, 2018


  1. Release what does not feel intuitively good.
  2. Focus on personal tasks.
  3. Tend to your immediate environment.
  4. Be with your own feelings.
  5. Be with your own decisions.
  6. Follow through on your new inspirations.
  7. Physical/Emotional needs.
  8. Trust your gut reactions.
  9. Integrate the story you are telling yourself.
  10. Release the tightly clenched fingers of perfectionism.
  11. Serving the sacred mystery.
  12. Love of order.
  13. Daily life.
  14. What sustains us [Sustenance/Nourishment].
  15. Tidying up our karmic debts.
  16. Karmic debts stand in the way of holding more reverence/appreciation for spirit and more light of consciousness.
  17. Create beautiful containers for spirit.
  18. Thought – How we express the Spirit of who we are in the physical plane.
  19. Solid, practical support.
  20. Activate the juice, otherwise it slips by in a cloud.
  21. Deadlock of resistance.
  22. Robust emotional needs.
  23. Turning our “unspeakables” into strong allies.
  24. Inner warrior is up for some balancing.
  25. Overseeing the experiences we need to learn responsibility.
    • Power Path Seminars School of Shamanism

 Intention / Inquiry / Contemplation:

Sustenance resides in my tightly clinched, unspeakable allies.


  1. Going Beyond Normal (14/Upright) – A choice about balance; Integrating all approaches; Steadfastly relying on proof to dictate outcomes will suffocate the soul; Trust in life enough to embrace it as an adventure; Vigilant not to allow logic to quash the things you know without knowing how you know them; Not sacrificing the art of emotion; Loosely held plan; Draw upon reliable methods; Healing art; Intuitive approach; Sense of what might work; Depend on and respond to the flow of your surroundings; No need to control, but rather a desire to nurture an idea to fruition; Pressures around you; Sometimes the best plan is to do what feels intuitively truthful; Being led towards your own growth; Far less planning and far more living; Pure way to manifest your essence/intrinsic nature; Willingness to be led by nature instead of trying to control the powerful force of life; Allow the *ocean to be the ocean; Learn to *swim; Moving outside the plan!; Secret eccentric/*uncommon streak is just waiting to show itself; Chance to live from the heart more deeply and expressively than ever before; Honoring all of who you are; Have courage in your convictions/position; All plants work together and are supported by the seasons; Nurturing the garden of your soul into magnificence; Thrive/flourish as the result of a favorable environment (Fairchild, 2014, pp. 70-73).



  1. Against the Grain (4/Upright) – Wanting to unleash the beauty that hides in even the *ugliest of scenes; Want to make possible what others say cannot be; Sacred rebel; Bringing the light of a more positive future to this world; Universe loves you for your unusual take on things; Never, ever lose your unusual way and become conventional/*common; Lose your unusual way means lose your essence; You are here to show that life is about so much more than conventional/common success; Someone who lives and breathes in the depths of creative waters; Sensual surrender to the sacred waters of the* ocean; Not a follower, but an agitator/revolutionary; Not a force of *disrespectful chaos; Loving catalyst/stimulus; Reminding people that there is always another way; Meant to be exactly as you are; Meant to be the wild wolf in the flock of sheep; Daring butterfly spirit calling to the caterpillars; The price you pay for the gift of individuality is that you must take care of it and guard it so that you are not dulled down/lifeless and conditioned into playing at being something you are not; True nature of your being can never be changed – at most, it could only be hidden for a time; Accept who you are; Allow your truths to be fully expressed; When we are who we are in truth, we attract the protection we need to thrive; Power comes from aligning your outward self with your inner truth; When you are who you are in truth, you will find other wild butterflies to join you in conjuring better visions for our world; Sense the rivers of golden light that represent the journeys of those around you; I honor the truth that I express through my very being; Invitation for others to be open to life; So be it; Hand on your heart (pp. 36-38).

IMG-5474   IMG-5475


Turning disrespectful chaos into my ally, I no longer suffocate. Rather than control, I nurture. By allowing the uncommon, sensual ocean to manifest my nature, I learn from the journeys of those around me.


Every time my neighbor slams their door, I center my Self with deep breaths. Rather than attempt to control them, I nurture my eccentricity.


Fairchild, A. (2014). Sacred rebels guidebook: Guidance for living a unique and authentic life. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing. (Featured image)

Published September 11, 2018 08:49pm — JCN

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