Aquarius Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018

Aquarius Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018


  1. Window to speak your truth.
  2. Step up to a new level of integrity/honor/high respect.
  3. Step up to a new level of confidence.
  4. Perfect time for a bid for power.
  5. What do you want that you don’t believe could happen.
  6. Face your doubts.
  7. Clearing very deep, old, emotional insecurities.
  8. Put energy into what will support you better.
  9. Take a look with fresh eyes at what you have been putting up with and make some decisions to improve your surroundings.
  10. Focus on something that inspires you.
  11. Centered in Africa, India, Middle East.
  12. Tightly aligned with South Node 5*, Moon 4*, and Mars Rx 3*.
  13. The portal opens.
  14. Masculine awakened by Mar’s journey out of bounds of the structure of the solar system.
  15. Portal for creative birth.
  16. Values shifting.
  17. Values shift from what we have acquired to what we share with others.
  18. Respond in new ways so you can break through resistance.
  19. Fortifying/Strengthening your Will.
  20. How we want to manifest our future, most exalted Self.
  21. You know your issues.
  22. Discipline in deed/action.
  23. Pleasure and joy come from transforming our Home.
  24. What’s practical/actually doing something, will be most magnetic.
    • Power Path School of Shamanism


Intention / Inquiry / Contemplation:

Sharing my most exalted/elevated/joyful Self moves me out of the bounds of my structure/stricture. This is how I break through resistance.


  1. Les Morts (XIII/Upright) – Reach out with sure fingers to guide your affairs; The Great Mothers & Grand Fathers swim in the salty, underworld waters of the birth canal, seeking once again the light of the *Sun and the Moon; The covenant/agreement that contains all covenants/agreements is fulfilled; Path of Divine Twins (Gemini/Marassa) finds holy completion; Promise to perform the rights necessary to bring a spirit quickly from the waters; Motion (primary aspect); Change; Message from ancestors; Need to make offering to ancestors (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 65-66).



  1. Legba La Flambeau (Petro/6/Upright) – Good counsel; The new *Sun; Brilliant beyond description; Unweighted by knowledge of future consequences; Dances at the crossroads; Joy of creation; Fiery Will deeply penetrates the six directions; Face wears a look of mischief/playful misbehaving; No concern for where sparks of creation land or what havoc they wreak; Moves between worlds with the snap of an electric spark; Will upon will, fire upon fire, fuels his frantic/wild dance; His words are few and powerful; His words fall from his mouth pushed by an internal intensity that makes light of all external opposition; Great danger in leaving this loa uncalled and unknown; Burns quickly through obstacles; Approach this Legba only in the fullness of your Will; When you offer him all, his fires open and cleanse; Victory (primary attribute); Reaching through the crossroads; Force beyond intellectual comprehension; Untempered/not moderated or lessened by compassion; Dances alone; Fed by the awesome power of his own making; By his Word, he creates himself; Self-creating; Self knows no other; Force and fire of both the Pure Fool (Brilliant, but short, displays) and the Enlightened Fool (Work persists over time); Touch the newness in your soul that has never known defeat; Touch the newness in your soul that has never strayed from its original purpose; A newly initiated elder flexes her/his first powers; “There is no grace/elegance – there is no guilt – This is the law, do what thou wilt” (pp. 142-144).

LesMorts  IMG_1029


Moving out of my resistant structure is akin to my inner Great Mother and Grand Father seeking the light of the Sun by coming out of the underworld waters of my birth canal. This victorious holy completion requires motion toward my most exalted original purpose Self which has no concern for obstacles. My newly initiated elder breaks me through my resistance.


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Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont. (Includes Full Moon) (Featured image)

Published August 21, 2018 03:34pm — JCN

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