Virgo Full Moon on March 01, 2018

Virgo Full Moon on March 01, 2018


  1. Bring order into your life.
  2. Shift your thinking about healing.
  3. Refining your self-renewal abilities.
  4. Bringing all your disparate parts into working order.
  5. Accomplishments in the material plane.
  6. Pushing out of letting our batteries run on intuition.
  7. Parses out the resources so there will be enough to get through the lean times, thus preserving the community.
  8. Neptune in Pisces – 2011-2025; Hasn’t been here for 165 years.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


What order can I bring to my disparate parts so that my battery runs on material as much as it does intuition?

Tarot / Rune:

  1. Couché (IX/Upright) – Virgo; Nurturance provides an environment for newfound revelations; Cared for by your sponsor (*ancestors); Our life must be worthy of all the lives taken by us/animals eaten by us; Rebirth into a more spiritual plane is dependent upon the lives of what are commonly thought of as lesser beings (the dead/those whom are no longer here/*ancestors); Realization of the amount others sacrifice so that we may grow and prosper (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 57-58).


  1. Kano (Upright) – Renewed clarity; Dispelling the darkness that has been shrouding some part of your life; Joy of non-attached giving; Beginning of an endeavor; Recognize that you exist at the perfect center where the harmonious and beneficent *forces of the universe merge and radiate; Now enough light to see that the *patient on the operating table is yourself; You are the center (Blum, 1983, pp. 118-119).

IMG-1161  IMG-2834


Order comes in the form of realizing the amount my ancestors sacrifice(d) so that I may grow and prosper. Now that I have enough Light to see that I am the patient on the operating table, I can dispel the darkness that has been shrouding the fact that I am the center cared for by my ancestors.


The first intuited and orderly project that I materialize and share with the world is a dedication to my disparate/various ancestors.


Blum, R. (1983). The book of runes: The handbook for the use of an ancient oracle — The viking runes. St. Martin’s Press: New York.

Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont. (Featured image)

Published March 18, 2018 3:14pm — JCN

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