March 2018 Forecast

March Forecast – “Creative Adaptability”


  1. If you have been laid off your job – Instead of being resentful, pursue something you always wanted to do.
  2. Communicating your creative insights will fuel community.
  3. Try creative avenues for connecting in your relationships.
  4. Be inspired by the end result of improvement.
  5. Your own attitudes get in the way of you enjoying life.
  6. Challenge of succumbing to futility/pointlessness.
  7. Anything inspiring needs to be consciously invited into your environment as a way to stay out of the funk.
  8. Stay away from judgments about your abilities.
  9. Pisces New Moon – March 17th; Not very social or outgoing; Make sure others are supportive of your process.
  10. Being proactive with your desires.
  11. Overcome the fear of failure.
  12. “Go for it!”
  • Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism

Inquiry / Intention:

How can I overcome my fear of failure so that I may communicate my creative desires?

Tarot / Rune:

  1. Shi-Li-Bo Nouvavou/Dan-I (Congo/6/Upright) – Alone unites the most magic forces; Secure power; *Possession/Ownership; Transmitting currents associated with the passage of ancestors; Bathing in the fire of the sun; The joy of will/*desire manifest; Work in its fullness (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 145-146).


  1. Fehu – Merchant/Store owner; Slavery; *Cowardice/Lack of bravery; Manual labor; Poverty; *Possession (Tyson, 2009, pp. 29-30).

IMG-2788  IMG-2787


To overcome my fear of failure I must bathe in the fire of the sun. By securing possession/ownership of myself, transmitting the currents of the ancestors, and enacting my Work in its fullness, my creative desires unite the most magic forces through my form as a merchant not a coward.


List the steps required to make my first sale.


Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont.

Tyson, D. (2009). Runic astrology: Chart interpretation through the runes. Llewllyn Publications: Woodbury, Minnesota. (Featured Image)

Published March 15, 2018 8:54pm – JCN

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