January 2018 Forecast

January Forecast 2018 — Evaluation & Action 


  1. Ruthless evaluation will bring clarity to any confusion about what you really want to manifest.
  2. Old paradigm — Accumulation of obsessive habits.
  3. Back to basics.
  4. Appreciation for what you Do have.
  5. Are you giving enough time to what you love to do?
  6. Change your time management to serve you better.
  7. If you continue to work in an environment that you hate, you will feel victimized.
  8. Keep protected against re-infection.
  9. Eliminate what does not serve.
  10. Evaluate your Right Work.
  11. Evaluate your time and where and with whom and on what you spend it.
  12. Are you supported in your daily life the way you want to be.
  13. Disconnect from attachments to unrealized dreams.
  14. Reach for new experiences with the intention of being appreciated.
  15. Make new friends.
  16. There will always be issues that are unresolved. Hold them in your life with neutrality.
  17. Embrace the freedom to take action towards what will support you now.
  18. Earth Year.
  19. Pay more attention to the cycles of your plants.
  20. Bring elements into your environment that feed your expression.
  21. Serve yourself first.
  22. Some of your original goals for the year may need re-evaluating.
  23. Your Evaluation has set new intentions into motion.
  24. Discipline — Stick with your truth and stay with your choices based on what you know intuitively is right.
  25. Stay away from toxic people, arguments that don’t go anywhere, and your own fruitless worries.
  26. Emotional healing through creative expression.
  27. Do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism

Intention / Inquiry:

What is my high frequency-Right Work, where I am appreciated and safe from re-infection?

Tarot / Rune:

  1. Ochosi (Santeria/10)(Upright)(Exact same card as last reading) — The ground you roam has never known human step; *Destiny is the object of the arrow’s flight; Successfully found your *destiny (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, p. 186).
  2. Nameless/Faceless — The Divine; Exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true *destiny; Destiny (e.g. where you are to go) rises from the ashes of fate (e.g. what you are to experience); The Unknowable is in motion in your life; Pregnant and Empty; Deepest fears; Highest good; Truest possibilities; What is not yet in form; Direct test of faith; Path of karma; The lessons that are yours for this lifetime; What beckons is the creative power of the unknown (Blum, 1983, pp. 142-143).

SanteriaOchosi  IMG-1488


The lesson that is mine for this lifetime has been to successfully find my destiny. The direct test of my faith toward my highest good is my Right-Work.


I dedicate the majority of my Time and Energy toward Reading and Writing about Conscious Evolution.


Blum, R. (1983). The book of runes: The handbook for the use of an ancient oracle — The viking runes. St. Martin’s Press: New York.

Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont.


http://www.catholicmannight.com/jesus-christ-divine-judge/the-eternal-weigh-in/ (Featured image)

Published January 18, 2018 4:34pm — JCN

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