Cancer Super Full Moon on January 1, 2018

Cancer Super Full Moon on January 1, 2018


  1. The Moon’s Moon.
  2. Magnificence.
  3. Cancer — The Great Mother.
  4. Fertility/Capability to produce offspring and Gestation/Carrying of the embryo within the moistness of the womb.
  5. Womb — Circle of security and protection of the family.
  6. How do you want it to feel when you bring your dream into reality? That’s the place to start.
  7. Give yourself the luxury of whatever stimulates your ability to cross the veil.
  8. Non-ordinary realms of creation.
  9. Creating for our comfort and welfare.
  10. Venus in Capricorn — Find ways to make my life work better.
  11. Functioning magnificently in just about anything you undertake.
  12. Let practicality and productivity be the reigning influence of the year.
  13. Chinese Year of the Dog — Champion of Truth; Justice; Brave whistleblower.
  14. Current change is the result of the seven exact squares of Uranus and Pluto between 2012-2015; The next decade will continue to orchestrate the 2012-2015 changes.
  15. Beautiful container of domestic protection.
  16. What we value can grow.
  17. Honor all the changing phases of the changing woman.
  18. Honor the lineage of your Mother’s people.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism

Intention / Inquiry:

What can I do to make my realized dream function magnificently?

Tarot / Rune:

  1. Ochosi (Santeria/10)(Upright) — Bounty; Providing what is necessary and more; Blue and Gold; Destiny is the object of the arrow’s flight; Finding one’s mark (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, p. 186).
  1. Hagalaz (Disruption)(Upright) — Invention; Expect disruption; The Great Awakener; Plans go awry; Most forceful (Blum, 1983, pp. 129-130) // Hailstorm; Strengthen through hardship; Need to rebuild (Tyson, 2009, pp. 33-34).

SanteriaOchosi  IMG-1288


Functioning magnificently means finding my mark within the hailstorm of rebuilding.


Knowing Who I Am.

Note: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that carries the genetic *instructions* used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses (Wikipedia).


Blum, R. (1983). The book of runes: The handbook for the use of an ancient oracle — The viking runes. St. Martin’s Press: New York.

Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont.

Tyson, D. (2009). Runic astrology: Chart interpretation through the runes. Llewellyn Publications: Woodbury, Minnesota. (Featured image)

Published January 08, 2018 4:07pm — JCN


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