Sagittarius New Moon on December 17, 2017

Sagittarius New Moon on December 17, 2017


  1. This is YOUR time to be spent however you want.
  2. Restructuring your intentions.
  3. How do you want to see our global society?
  4. Being on the Other Side.
  5. Saturn – The Wise Ancestor.
  6. Chiron – Challenges and supports one to reach beyond the personal to compassionate healing of our ancestral separation.
  7. Breaking free.
  8. Finding our guiding principles.
  9. Paid the price of admission to gain greater maturity.
  10. How we handle our limitations will determine how much power we gather here in the material world and how much we enjoy the ride.
  11. Vision quest will be complete when we hit the Solstice point.
  12. Know which direction you’re headed for your greatest good.

Intention / Inquiry:

Now that I am on the Other Side, what awaits me?


  1. Magick Mirror (XVIII)(Upright) – Magickal weapon par excellence; Ability to trap that which is summoned; Point where opposites (Invisible and Visible) meet; Sorcerer’s Will easily breaks the illusion of a solid point between Invisible and Visible worlds; One’s “reality” shorn/cut through; Symmetry/Exactly similar parts facing each other; *Like meets like in opposite stance; Duality is the domain of magick (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 76-78).


  1. Couché (IX)(Upright) – Seclusion that precedes birth into another life; Silence; Nurturance; Environment for the newfound revelations to grow and flower within the deepest recesses of the candidate; Lying in fetal position; Feeding the divine within the human; *Life feeds on life; Immunity/Lack of susceptibility to something harmful; Maintenance of a safe space for ritual growth; Interdependence of all life; Rebirth into a more spiritual plane is dependent upon the lives of what are commonly thought of as lesser beings (e.g. chickens slaughtered & sacrificed); Retreat from daily life for a spiritual purpose (pp. 57-58).

IMG-1160  IMG-1161


Maintaining my Home as a safe space for spiritual growth has provided me the ability to realize Duality as the domain of magick – That point where opposites, the Visible and Invisible, meet and feed off of one another. In this way, it is the magick of Duality’s immunity that awaits me.


Discerningly viewing with both eyes – one that sees the Visible and the other that sees the Invisible – I enact magick.


Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont. (Featured image)

Published December 24, 2017 1:11pm — JCN

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