Taurus Full Moon on November 03, 2017

Taurus Full Moon on November 03, 2017


  1. Crisis.
  2. Toward a vulnerable experience where imagination is fertilized with gratitude.
  3. Recapitulate/summarize the main points of your past.
  4. Feminine outrage for acts of disempowerment.
  5. Revealing of ‘secret’ sexual behaviors.
  6. Ceres – The Great Mother; Righteous rage and grief; Blood mysteries of the womb.
  7. Release of energy blocks in the body/heart that hold you small now and from all the way down your ancestral lines.
  8. Heal your ancestors.
  9. Completing two, yearlong cycles – Saturn square Chiron in Sagittarius/Pisces (25 degrees)(1st 2016/I left school; 2nd April 2017/I started work; 3rd Nov 2017/I became a Gatekeeper); Allowing ego protections to morph into peaceful clarity about the experiences we chose for this lifetime no matter how challenging they may have been.
  10. Creating new frameworks for the lives we want to build for ourselves.
  11. Owning our dreams.
  12. What we feel, informs our choices.
  13. Love the soothing richness you find when navigating with flow.
  14. Scorpio – Draws powerful response from others; Balanced tantric/sexual practice/dance of creation.
  15. Any stagnation we find leads to elimination and that leads to transformation at the deepest level.
  16. Tremendous opportunity to reveal.
  17. Penetrate and plunge into the intensity of our emotional power.
  18. Seeker of understanding.
  19. Mercury – Retrograde in Sagittarius (29 degrees) on Dec. 03rd; Same day as Gemini Full Moon; Goes direct on Dec. 22nd.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


What is the main experience I chose for this lifetime?


  1. Olodumare (Santería)(1)(Upright) – Change of matter that results in the production of a solid will/commitment; Using personal sadness and failure to build a house of peace and purity (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 99-100).


  1. Legba La Flambeau (Petro)(6)(Upright) – Fire shoots from his hands; Commitment fuels his desperate dance; Words are few and powerful; Dances alone; By his Word, he creates himself; Self-creating; Touch the part of you that never strayed from your original purpose; No elegance/not most advanced modern life, no guilt: This is the Law – Do what thou wilt (pp. 142-144).


  1. Hounsis (Congo)(Upright) — Elegance; Providing spirit with entrance to the safe abode of earth; Mystery on a different plane; The great romantic (p. 212).

IMG_1027  IMG_1029  IMG_1031


Fire shoots from my hands toward self-creation, touching the part of myself that never strayed from its original purpose. Not a part of modern life, and without guilt, this is my Law – To do what I will.


In this life the main experience I chose was self-creation, self-actualization, self-mastery. Using my hands to write and read, I do what I will – My commitment.


Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont.


https://brungerart.deviantart.com/art/Self-Creation-537906701 (Featured image)

Published November 12, 2017 3:34pm — JCN

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