November 2017 Forecast

November 2017 Forecast – “Turning the Soil”


  1. What is beneath the surface becomes less fertile as time goes on if only the surface is focused on.
  2. Feed what is underneath.
  3. Prepare what is underneath for new seeds.
  4. Discovering what you forgot you had.
  5. Allowing new inspirations.
  6. Not quite knowing whether things are moving in the right direction.
  7. Not quite knowing how to proceed to make the most of these times.
  8. Creating great limitations for oneself.
  9. Revisiting and accomplishing similar energies to the time of the eclipse (August 7, 2017 & August 21, 2017)(Personal – Stronger bandwidth for navigating conflict with my desired husband // Initiating militancy-for-a-cause, I follow my intuition and Write).
  10. Rediscovery of old talents.
  11. Acknowledge the reasons why you never followed through.
  12. Rekindle the passion.
  13. The challenge is to trust the outcome.
  14. Prepare your own “field” for a season of planting new seeds of old familiar dreams into freshly fertilized and upgraded soil.
  15. Old disappointments ready to be processed and forgiven in order to move forward.
  16. Where are your energy leaks?
  17. Fertilize your life with a little awe/astonishment.
  18. Relationships are at the point of growth.
  19. Healing past relationships.
  20. Who are you holding hostage to being indebted to you?
  21. Relational debt causes the same tapes to be played over and over.
  22. Rediscover what you truly loved about someone.
  23. Connections from the past come into your present life (for completion or for fun).
  24. Increase in nonspecific fear.
  25. Because we are in preparation for the future by connecting with the past and bringing forward the important pieces, the body needs to process this transition.
  26. Reconnecting with talent can require physical adjustment.
  27. Feed those parts of yourself that need it.
  28. Bring in a fresh look to your business projects.
  29. Remember what made you happy.
  30. Focus on your personal environment.
  31. Do a bit of landscaping.
  32. True balance will require working with the past and future.
  33. Be aware of invitations for accountability.
  34. Toward a softer emotional experience where imagination is fertilized with love.
  35. Acknowledge the structures that have served you so well up till now.
  36. Like an undulating/fluctuating wave.
  37. The best way to handle fluctuation is to just flow with it.
  38. You will get there eventually, especially if you don’t fight the current.
  39. Forgive anything that does not honor your talents.
  40. Share and communicate.
  41. Be with others in a new way.
  42. Get support for a newly rediscovered dream.
  43. Courage to take a risk in a project.
  44. Courage to be seen.
  45. Worn out.
  46. Inspired enthusiasm.
  47. Sober celebration.
  48. Evolution only goes in one direction.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism

Intention / Inquiry:

With a nonspecific fear of how to proceed, I resolve this energy leak by navigating the hostage space that is my old familiar dream of Writing.


  1. Dance (VII)(Upright) – Spirit exists where no thing has solidified; Spirit’s point of entry is through the body of those whom serve; Point of *creative power; *A little death; Identity is left behind; Spirit and self become one in their movement; Hounsis (Initiates who can manifest Spirit through *dance); Carries the weight of Spirit and thus the possibilities of Matter; Transcendence of circumstance; *Union of Hounsis/initiate and loa/Spirit births a Being of great power; How little of one’s movement the conscious mind directs; *Ecstatic/joyful/blissful physical action; Victory; Constructive adherence to set forms of action (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 53-54).


  1. Guedeh La Flambeau (Petro/3)(Upright) – Soul bursts with radiance; Bright angel of the morning; Bright ember/glowing coal in a dying fire burning through the darkness of the grave; *The little death; Moth before its body joins with the flame it loves so much (p. 114).


  1. Ayida Wedo (Congo/1)(Upright) – Feathered Sky Serpent/Wild/*Union of male and female/Carries fertilized egg within Self; Bridge between heaven and earth; *Creative force; Snake *dancer; *Ecstatic union with the snake/wild; Constricting force as a means of communication; Profound spiritual joining; Trance/depart; Astral menstruum/The Star’s solvent/used for dissolving substances; The Great Mother (pp. 95-96).

IMG-0998 IMG-0996 IMG-0994


Like a moth before its body joins with the flame it loves so much, my fear has been a little death that makes way for an ecstatic union with my wild, bright solvent – Communication.


Having moved into the position of gatekeeper, if one can meet and reflect my steady gaze I will communicate in a way that strengthens their connection to Spirit.


Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont. (Featured image)

Published November 5, 2017 4:16pm — JCN

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