Dreamed on October 24, 2017 at 7:58am

Dreamed on October 24, 2017 at 7:58am


Construction taking place in front of my (current waking-reality) home. I awoke from sleep (around the same time of morning that it is as I write this in waking-reality, 7:37am; not specifically because I did not look at a clock in the dream, but the sky was the same; it was light out but the sun was still hidden behind the hills). The construction workers had, unfortunately, built nine-story scaffolding around their worksite and included a black mesh cloth that hung around it. As soon as I saw this I was disappointed because I knew it would be months before I would have a view again or could fully open my curtains, for now I would have to inhibit the workers from being able to look into my home. I stood watching by the balcony window in my bedroom. I was in the company of a large cat or small dog who remained by my side and watched with me, then went under the bed, still near my feet. When I turned back to look at the workers I saw one excitedly but anxiously jump from the highest rung of scaffolding in order to get down. There was a protective spring mat on the ground below surrounded by a few of his coworkers. When he jumped he shouted with glee. He had no harness. I couldn’t believe it. The height was at least three times that of my own three-story building. Another worker walked past and looked at my legs. I looked at him in return and almost nodded but he looked on. I was wearing a short pajama dress (similar to what I was wearing in waking-reality), and almost began privately berating my legs, but instead closed the door just enough so I could see outside while at the same time increase my privacy. A second worker jumped happily and succeeded his land. Then an adult, dark brown horse wearing a protective harness connected to a crane was guided to the edge, where someone intimately connected to the horse desperately needed to know if it was going to be okay. It was gently taken off the ledge and safely brought down.



Forming; Specific; Sanctuary; Renewed awareness; Anew; Dream-life congruent with waking-life; *Unconscious Spirit matches conscious Spirit; Aware; Birth; Birth’s process; First substance, then birth; First birth, then substance; Those whom form; Reaching heights; Difficult to see through the heights; Fear of unknown; Living in the future; Future withheld; Future can see me but I can not see it; Ability to step into future; Watching the future rather than stepping into it; Love; Love is with me; Love of future; Loving the future and hiding from the future; Grounded in love; From spirit to action; Reaching action means jumping from spirit; Safe action; Protected by like-minds; Joy in coming closer to action; *Self-protected when transitioning from spirit to action; The Empress/3; The Hermit/9; *The conscious woman whom works in secret and discerningly shares what she learns; Future’s view of current progress; Formation/future continues on; Freed feminine; Hate of current state; Protection from hate; Maintain connection with future; Purity; Wild beast; Deep respect; Serving in war; *Serving all kinds of development; One of the largest contributors to the enhancement of civilization; Power; Beauty; Freedom; Strength; Life-force; Earth/Air/Fire/Water combined; Mystery; Ever changing contemplation; Conquer; Longevity; Procurement of territory; Great courage in the face of danger; *Beast belongs to the sun god; Domination; *Created by Neptune; *Devoted to Pluto and Mars; *Sacrificed to the God Mars every October; Rebirth; *White horse symbolizes last incarnation; Buddha left this physical plane riding a white horse; Winged horse carries the Book of Law; Remaining steady in victory; *Gemini; Practicality; *Love; Devotion; Stability; *Grounded power of earth combined with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds; *Messenger; Announces spirit knowledge; Wild freedom harnessed to the benefit of the tribe when man and beast enter a silent contract of mutual respect and responsibility to each other; *Grounding; *House and home; *Family; Patience; Intuition; The human body; Regal power; Profound position; Being held; Focused; *Grounding spirit; Desperate protection of grounded spirit.


  1. Les Morts (XIII)(Upright) – Waiting in the underworld/God Pluto; Wait and watch; If bidden, reach out with sure fingers to guide and regulate the affairs of the still-living; Seeking the light of the Sun; Agreement fulfilled: Holy completion; Power; Eagerly seek to perform; Content to explore the depths of the waters; Ability to see life in death and death in life; (Martinié & Glassman, 1992, pp. 65-66).


  1. Hounsis/Petro (Fire)(Upright) – Skirt; Song; “Spirit Wife”; Solidifying the sacred practices which serve Spirit; Enables spirit chiefs/priestesses to carry out spiritual work of higher order; *Children [Gemini] of spirit chief’s/priestesses; Reciprocity; Flow of obligation and benefit both up and down the temple hierarchy; Container; *The Star (XVII/Carries our destinies through time and space); Great Oracle; *Being filled with various spirits at various times [Gemini]; To transcend the established order of things; Pot made of iron; Love; Enthusiasm (pp. 211-212).


  1. Ochosi/Santería (Upright) – Earth; Animal of forest; Ground you roam; Sharp eye; Provides what is necessary and more; Bluish night sky; Falling to earth; *Blue and gold are the colors of this spirit acknowledged as holy; *The stars (XVII) and the destinies they carry were the object of the arrow’s flight; Finding your mark [destiny]; Returning to earth with your starry game [find/destiny]; Quiet forest morning; That which was gathered spoils if not put to use (p. 186).


  1. Hounsis/Congo (Bottom of Deck)(Upright) – Estimates the influences on an affair of love or union; Most tenderhearted; Walks through a world filled with beauty; Flowers open and mouths close at her approach; Earthen vessel; Houses the spirits/mysteries; Continuation of romance with her lover on a different plane; Dreamy; Sweet; The Great Romantic (p. 212).


  1. Sequence of Further Cards: Rada/Mambo –> Congo/1/Ayida Wedo –> Congo/2/Gran Ibo –> Rada/3/Guedeh –> XI/Secret Societies –> Congo/5/Ogoun Bhalin’Dio –> II/Marie Laveau –> XIV/Ti Bon Ange –> Petro/Houngan –> VIII/Possession.

LesMorts PetroHounsis SanteriaOchosi CongoHounsis


Watching, I enthusiastically await my holy completion as a Spirit Wife – As the Light of the Sun. Solidifying the sacred practice of reciprocity allows me to fall to earth, embracing my destiny as a home for Spirits, Mysteries and Romance.


No longer exerting extraordinary amounts of energy toward achievement of my Husband, I now step back, return to My inner development, and make space for His energy to become reciprocal.


Martinié, L. & Glassman, S.A. (1992). The new orleans voodoo tarot. Destiny Books: Rochester, Vermont.


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Published October 29, 2017 12:26am — JCN

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