Virgo New Moon on September 19, 2017


Virgo New Moon on September 19, 2017


  1. Recognizing what is old.
  2. To make more accurate.
  3. Equinox – September 22nd; Autumn; Can give extra fuel to what you are changing in your life.
  4. Committing to a brand new upgrade.
  5. Goddess of the Harvest.
  6. The farmers deliver the harvest in bushels and baskets at the Goddess’ feet.
  7. Assessing the value.
  8. Sorting.
  9. Through your effort, the bounty is made even more beautiful.
  10. Through your attention to detail, the fruits of labor are made even more perfect.
  11. Your comfort is in the forest.
  12. To get grounded – Chew your food slowly.
  13. Refresh your habits.
  14. Set new intentions around how you live your daily life.
  15. Improve money management.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


The fruits of my Labor improve my money management.


  1. La Leggerezza (F10)(Upright) – Lightness; Sensitivity; Tact/Discretion (Vera Sibilla Italiana, 2007, p. 4).
  2. Donna Maritata (Q12)(Upright) – Married woman (p. 5).
  3. La Nemica (P12)(Upright) – The enemy; Woman who acts secretly (p. 6).
  4. Imeneo (F1)(Upright) – Nuptials; Union; Solid bond (p. 3).



The fruits of my discreet labor improve my money management, thereby allowing me to become a Married Woman.


Having closed four credit cards, keeping two others open, and dedicating all of my residual income to paying off this debt, I create a solid financial foundation for Myself, my Husband and our Union.


Vera Sibilla Italiana. (2007). Lo Scarabeo: Torino, Italy. (Featured image)

Published on September 24, 2017 7:18pm — JCN

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