Pisces Full Moon on September 06, 2017

Pisces Full Moon on September 06, 2017


  1. Engulfing.
  2. Acknowledge your courage.
  3. Access your most physically connected self through your emotional body.
  4. Dream from your deep, inner sacred temple of the heart.
  5. Open wide your Portal.
  6. Let all you feel dissolve into the sea of life.
  7. How would you choose to have your life feel?
  8. Highly sensitive.
  9. Commitment to a more powerful highly attuned existence.
  10. Pisces – Keeper of the Spiritual Journey; Holding the dark and light; Pain of feeling too much.
  11. Suffering – Loss of relationship with that which is greater than ourselves and gives meaning and purpose to our lives.
  12. Let your dream life align you.
  13. See more movement forward in our relationships that have been on hold.
  14. Jupiter oppose Uranus – Trust in your intuition.
  15. Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus Aspect – A little raggedy around the edges from the wrenching and tearing.
  16. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn – Exposing the darker side of financial institutions; Unrest; Removing blocks to standing in your authority; Not giving up; Taking responsibility for your Tribe; Managing your life; Being successful in fulfilling your Mission.
  17. Eris – Openly calling out what IS.
  • Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


I choose to have a life that feels powerful, where I call out what IS.


  1. Dottore (F13)(Upright) – **King of Clubs; Doctor; Professional who can solve a problem (Vera Sibilla Italiana, 2007, p. 4).


  1. I Deliranti (Q9)(Upright) – The delirious/disturbed state of mind (p. 5).


  1. Dispiacere (P1)(Upright) – Ace of Spades; Worry; Affliction/Something that causes suffering; Trouble (p. 5).


  1. Sacerdote (P13)(Upright/Bottom of Deck) – **King of Spades; Priest/Perform certain rites, rituals, services, worship, traditions, procedures, an established way of doing something; Man of Faith; Spiritual Guide; Psychologist (p. 6).



My power lies in my Spiritual Guidance, my established ability to solve the problems of the suffering state of mind, by calling out what IS.


Every time I learn something, I share it and heal The World.


Vera Sibilla Italiana. (2007). Lo Scarabeo: Torino, Italy.


http://www.spiritearthawakening.com/spirituality/metaphysics/source-energy/spirit-animal-4-hidden-ways-find (Featured image)

Published on September 6, 2017 7:51pm — JCN

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