September 2017 Forecast

September 2017 Forecast — Adjustment


  1. Something is different.
  2. New energy inside.
  3. New energy requires that your environment adjust itself to you in a new way.
  4. Upgrade in your home.
  5. Upgrade in your vehicle.
  6. Change in your relationship.
  7. Overwhelming desire to bring in the new.
  8. Overwhelming desire to get different support.
  9. Overwhelming desire to reflect a new vibration.
  10. When the adjustment is self-driven, it is inspiring.
  11. Embrace adjustments, which are not consciously your choice, as necessary situations that will ultimately support you in the direction you need to go.
  12. Informing the environment around you to adjust to the “new you.”
  13. Neutrality.
  14. Some parts have made the change and others are being resistant or trying to catch up.
  15. It is not always about doing. Sometimes rest is the prescription we need.
  16. Not yet able to see or experience fully the outcome of what we are currently creating for ourselves.
  17. Collective co-creation – Taking what comes.
  18. Don’t let old self-judgments get in the way of what you can have at this time.
  19. Strike a good balance between driving the boat and letting the current guide you.
  20. Bring in improvements to support the new.
  21. Get rid of at least one old thing every day.
  22. Allow what is to settle in around you so you can be in harmony with the change.
  23. Challenge the false personality.
  24. Give up our attachment to success – It has to go.
  25. Relationship routines and habits change.
  26. Closest loved ones will need to adjust to your rejection.
  27. What are you introducing into your intimate personal environment?
  28. Sometimes huge, radical change is what is required to really shift a relationship pattern.
  29. Rekindle old connections under new circumstances.
  30. Pay attention to what you are moving away from and what you are gravitating towards.
  31. Be firm about your own needs.
  32. Personality Disorder (e.g. “Misery loves company”) – Not rising above others in how we show up; Status quo; Serving and suffering.
  33. Staying small, as there is no role model or point of reference for being “better.”
  34. Be as “selfish” as you can and in as good a well-being as you can possibly dream up.
  35. “Wait and see” the results.
  36. Physical Projects – Represent our internal belief systems, our intentions, dreams, and limitations.
  37. Everything is more fluid now.
  38. Nature naturally moves in the direction of alignment.
  39. Pay attention to what does not feel right.
  40. Suddenly get an opportunity you never dreamed of.
  41. Old patterns being lit up, reviewed and shifted.
  42. No going back to “business as usual.”
  43. Full Moon – September 6th; Face your opponent; Show no fear; Acknowledge your own power to be more; Enormity is like being sore after exercising a muscle that has not been used – The discomfort will pass and you will be stronger for it.
  44. Proactively work with the attitude that whatever is showing up is just right.
  45. Resist being irritated.
  46. Equinox – September 22nd; Any non-congruent energies should be going through a completion; The death of one season and the birth of another.
  47. Alone Time – Discover your personal path; Discover new aspects of yourself.
  48. Do whatever it takes to improve your own life and everything else will follow suit.
  49. New Moon – September 19th; Clean your files.
  50. Much is revealed.
  51. Much is manifested.
  52. Mush is more tangible.
  53. Be proud of your growth.
  54. Reward yourself with something new you never thought you would be able to have or do.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


Acting as Role Model of Reward, I firmly introduce opportunities I never dreamed of…


  1. Gran Signore (C13)(Upright) – King of Hearts; Lord; Man of high society (Vera Sibilla Italiana, 2007, p. 3).


  1. Militare (P10)(Upright) – Soldier; Relationship with the police (p. 5).


  1. L’Amante (C12)(Upright) – Queen of Hearts; The Lover; Shy woman who hides her fondness (p. 3).


  1. Denari (C6)(Upright/Bottom of Deck) – 6 of Hearts; Money; Gain; Inheritance; Investment (p. 3).



As a soldier, I gain the Union of the King and Queen of Love.


Attuned to “the flow,” I prepare for Him.


Vera Sibilla Italiana. (2007). Lo Scarabeo: Torino, Italy. (Featured image)

Published September 4, 2017 6:27pm — JCN

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