Dreamed on August 26, 2017 at 7:03am

Dreamed on August 26, 2017 at 7:03am

In my current waking-reality home, I hear a child’s voice shouting from outside below the balcony. I ignore it and go do something in the bathroom. When I come out seconds later the eight-year-old girl is in my home standing near the bedroom. She asks where our mother is and says “Don’t worry, if I wanted to kill her I would have done that.” She’s holding a long, thin knife with a wooden handle (?). She goes to sit and talk to our slovenly mother, then slightly slashes the woman’s upper arm. The police gently take her away.

The End.

*Note: My grandmother in waking-life died this day, August 26, 2017, at 1:58pm at Washington Hospital, 2000 Mowry Ave., Freemont, CA 94538, after the removal of her colon and suffering a stroke. Her face looked tortured, mouth open, bottom jaw hanging to the right. A black, endless hole replaced where her teeth were.


Rising to heaven; Newness; Connection; Need; Heaven within and hell without; Ability to stand in hell; Move beyond; Purify; Forever complete; Rising to heaven is forever complete; Rising to heaven is forever capable; Rising to heaven is forever capable due to restoration; Problem and resolution; New and old unite to solve problems; New looks to old for guidance; Without hesitation; Finalize; The new does not hesitate finalizing the guide; Choice; Determined; Easy; Minimize; Easily determining the desired effect; Controlled; The new controls the guide; The new replaces the incapable guide; Offering; Drain; To drain of strength; Protecting the new; Separation of the new and the incapable guide.


  1. L’Amica (F4)(Upright): Friend; Confidant/Best friend; Relationship of trust (Vera Sibilla Italiana, 2007, p. 4).
  2. Morte (P5)(Upright): Death; Abandonment; Complete detachment from a situation (p. 5).
  3. La Donna di Servizio (Q8)(Upright): Help (p. 4).
  4. Amore (C4)(Upright/Bottom of Deck): Love; Passion that arises or flourishes again (p. 3).


Combined Interpretation:

Becoming my own best friend and source of help depends upon complete detachment from those whom are incapable. This is where Love resides.

Strategy in Waking-Reality:

After a life’s worth of attempts to create a healthy relationship with my mother, I now release her. She and I were together the day of the death of my grandmother, yet were still unable to come together and mourn as a family. Rather than submit to her habitual victimhood, I attempted to communicate, to understand, to collaborate in a way that would satisfy us both. When unable, I detached. This time for good. Though I remain open to her when she reaches out, I now do so with clear eyes. This is self-love, self-friendship and self-help.


Vera Sibilla Italiana. (2007). Lo Scarabeo: Torino, Italy.

https://www.pinterest.com/madalenamribeir/optical-illusion-art/?lp=true (Featured image)

Published August 28, 2017 9:07pm — JCN

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