August 2017 Forecast

August 2017 Forecast – Reevaluate & Reset


  1. Go for massive change.
  2. Dealing with hard truths.
  3. Where do you want to end up?
  4. Letting go of all those things that “someday may be useful.”
  5. Lighten your load.
  6. Whatever was before, is gone.
  7. Unplug and reconnect.
  8. Go for a drive.
  9. If you feel confused, it means that things are shifting, which is a good thing.
  10. Not the month to trust your intellectual center.
  11. Go with your feelings.
  12. Clarity will come slowly as you reevaluate what truly inspires you.
  13. Trust – Your heart knows what it is “doing”; Your essence knows way more than your ego.
  14. Feeling you are at the edge of something.
  15. Confused about what you are doing in your life, which way to go, what to trust, where to put your energy.
  16. Telling the truth.
  17. Clearing karma.
  18. Sweep the cobwebs of uncertainty aside to see clearly what is finished and what is not.
  19. If karma is not complete – Patterns can be reset to reflect a higher vibration so that unfinished business can be completed or continued in a way that comes from a place of more love and forgiveness.
  20. Recreate how you want to show up in the world.
  21. Relationships worth keeping that have gotten stale in their patterns have an opportunity to be rekindled in a way that includes more joy, creativity and nurturing.
  22. Take responsibility for where you have not been forthcoming with good communication or truth about how you really feel.
  23. Deep truth talks.
  24. Be willing to walk away from expectations in order to honor your own identity and ways you wish to move forward.
  25. The body is a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs.
  26. Reset your relationships to your physical well-being.
  27. Don’t resist ups and downs in energy levels and motivation.
  28. Do what feels good.
  29. Eat what your intuition tells you is right.
  30. Some business partnerships will come together.
  31. The only reality we have now is what we feel and what we experience.
  32. Highest probabilities for the future are being powerfully reset.
  33. Resurrecting old hobbies.
  34. Sudden manifestation.
  35. The business deal you gave up on will come around again with fresh energy and new insight.
  36. Take a risk.
  37. Take time without interference from your schedule.
  38. Remember the seed of where an object, habit or relationship came from.
  39. Avoid the need for control.
  40. Pull your energy in and focus on something that gives you pleasure.
  41. Take your focus off all the effort for a bit.
  42. Relax into reevaluation.
  43. You may be making decisions about your life that seem impractical to others.
  44. New Moon Solar Eclipse – August 21st at 12:30pm or 10:15am (?); Dropping into the void; Absence of the Sun is the absence of what has been feeding old patterns and beliefs.
  45. “Chop wood, carry water.”
  • Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


Feeling at the edge of telling the truth about how I really feel.


  1. Page of Cups (Reversed) – Resists love; Fears vulnerability; Loss of innocence or trust; Fawning/Exaggerated affection; Over-sensitive; Escapist/Person who seeks distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially in the form of fantasy; Callous/Cruel disregard for others; Unfeeling; Suffer from a mental decline, especially because of a broken heart; Pining away; Cancellations of social engagements; ***Puberty rituals/Period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction/Growing up; “I am willing to risk loving” (Greer, 2002, p. 271).
  2. The Empress (Reversed) – Vanity/Excessive pride in one’s own achievements; Reproductive difficulties/Production of offspring; Excessively giving; Fickleness/Changeability as regards one’s loyalties or affections; Withdrawing love; Disempowered; Feeling useless; ***Raw, uncultivated force of nature; Internalized mother; Self-nurturance; “I am a fertile garden in which creativity can be nurtured to fruition” (pp. 234-235).
  3. Closing (67)(Upright/Bral Talej) – Release; Bring forth; Bring down and out; Disturbance; Heat; Move so as to cover an opening; Secure/Fixed so as to not give way/Lock/Certain to remain or continue safe and unharmed/Assured/Reliable/Protect against attack or other criminal activity/Feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety /Sheltered/Guarded/Unworried/Relaxed/Happy/Confident/Feeling no doubts about attaining/Certain to achieve/Plug/Cork/Bring two parts of something together so as to block its opening or bring it into a folded state; ***Gradually get nearer to someone; ***Come back into contact with something so as to encircle and hold it; Meet; ***Join; Connect; Make continuous; Bring or come to an end; Discontinuous (Google).




As a puberty ritual, I reproduce the ability to tell the truth about how I really feel. It is my raw, uncultivated force of nature that will secure my safety and happiness in gradually getting nearer to my husband.

As A Result:

During a recent conflict, I not only openly and honestly expressed my hard truths, I also chose not to disconnect from my adversary by hanging up the phone and cancelling our meet. Rather, after entertaining the idea of disconnect, I chose instead to stay and go on the outing to see what it would be like to tell the truth, be outwardly angry, calm myself by taking a moment alone, and then reconnecting openly, honestly and from a space of my inner, raw, uncultivated nature. The outing was not exceptional, nor was it tumultuous. However, the focus was not the outing, but my ability to be near an adversary while maintaining my happiness and inner safety.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

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Completed August 08, 2017 11:04pm / Published August 20, 2017 12:46pm — JCN

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