Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 07, 2017

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 07, 2017


  1. Set your intentions based on what you have been able to reevaluate about your life.
  2. Welcomed breakthroughs.
  3. South Node – Release what has gone before.
  4. Moon blocking the light of the Sun – Allow the electromagnetic link to our planet to be suspended, let go, released, cleared, renewed, began again.
  5. See our common goal.
  6. Original solutions to tangled situations.
  7. Revolutionize/Change radically.
  8. Standing up for the society you want to live in.
  9. Uranus – The Awakener; Being barred for inflicting punishment; Bringing the future you want down to the earth plane.
  10. Pushing boundaries of what you have done before.
  11. Using the power of the group to wield real power for change.
  12. Joy lives in ending separation.
  13. Pushing us across the bridge of ego.
  14. Seeing into the long game.
  15. Seeing all that can be gained by a shattering realization.
  16. Making a choice and renewing your dedication.
  17. Expect the unexpected.
  18. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – August 12th to September 5th/19th; See where you have become too perfectionist; See where you have become too self-denying.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


Seeing into the long game, my joy lives in ending separation.


  1. 7 of Pentacles (Reversed) – Loss; Melancholy/Depression/Mournful/Heartbroken; Procrastination/Putting off/Delaying/Something requiring immediate attention; Distrust warranted; Little return for the amount of work; Lack of benefits; Exploitation/Utilization for profit/Selfish utilization; Letting nature do its work; Trusting process; “I learn from both success and failure by evaluating the process and results” (Greer, 2002, pp. 259-260).


  1. 5 of Cups (Upright) – Loss and disappointment; Loss of harmony/Loss of pleasing arrangements/Loss of congruity/Loss of simultaneous combination but the love is still there; Temporary delay; Learning from mistakes and experience; Suffering; Sadness; Regret; Ignorance/Lack of knowledge or information; Fear; Crossing a bridge; Moving on; Abandonment; “I have felt my loss, yet I continue on my way with the experience I have gained” (p. 255).


  1. Synchronicity (22)(Upright/Bral Talej) – Coincidence in time; Simultaneousness; Systematic arrangement of historical events; Simultaneous occurrence of casually unrelated events; Meaning beyond mere coincidence (Terraluna, 2005; Google).



As a result of my heartbreak and loss of harmony, I learn from my mistakes and let Nature do its work. Moving on, I cross the bridge to end separation and step into joy. I recognize this experience as God’s systematic arrangement of events.


I now understand and accept that part of Love is seeing it is okay and Natural for my Husband to be, at times, confused, hurt, angry, imbalanced, and unaware, just as I have been. Seeing Him as My reflection I gain more understanding and a stronger bandwidth for navigating and working through our dilemmas and conflicts.


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Completed August 10, 2017 3:06pm / Published August 20, 2017 4:36pm — JCN

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