Sagittarius Full Moon 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9, 2017


  1. Be in full bloom.
  2. Every flower is different.
  3. Sagittarius – Hips, thighs (Moving forward); Liver (Purification).
  4. Ceres – You may be called to midwife yourself through some charged emotional territory to gain more freedom; You may have to nourish yourself more deeply than you ever have before.
  5. Jupiter in Libra – (Current position); Practicing real cooperation; How are you living balance in your life?
  6. Committed relationships are going to have to step up and seek equilibrium.
  7. Ask not what your partnerships can do for you, but what You can do for your partnerships.
  8. Neptune – Apex/Peak of a Finger of God; Loosening the deep cultural deception that binds us to the old martyred ways; Almost, but not quite, palpable/detectable force that is dissolving and washing away the old in our hearts and souls and preparing the way for The Empress (Love and Wisdom).
  9. A fire lit under you.
  10. Huge blow-up ensues.
  11. November – See how new arenas of cooperation are overshadowing greed.
  12. Learn more faith.

– Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


When I seek equilibrium within any deep cultural deception I am attached to, I dissolve the old in my heart and prepare the way for The Empress (Love and Wisdom).


  1. Temperance (Reversed): Sagittarius; Something out of balance; Uncombined; Disunion; Competing; Conflicting; Frustration; Lack of compassion; Addictive disorders; Inner temperance/self-restraint/moderation/avoidance of excess; Ministry/holy orders/spiritual work. “I enthusiastically manage my needs and resources to bring about health and harmony” (Greer, 2002, p. 242).


  1. 8 of Cups (Reversed): Returning to the fold; Being reinstated; Apologies; “Window of opportunity”; Feeling trapped; Clinging to a relationship that has ended; Inner journeys. “I take time off to recoup my energy and rediscover my sense of self” (pp. 260-261).


  1. Acceptance (39)(Upright)(Ganesh): Great freedom in accepting things as they are; You cannot move forward on your path until you release some of the blame, anger and sorrow that you have collected on your life’s journey; Forgive those from the past who have hurt you; Forgive yourself; Open your heart to the world; Open your heart to the one within; Deeper state of recognition; Pushes you forward in your spiritual adventure; Love without judgment; Live without predetermined opinions; Accept your true self; Express your true self; The ego is beginning to align with the soul. What a relief!; You don’t have to control everything; You don’t have to fix everything; You don’t have to know everything; If you have been overly serious and tense, you now start to remember happiness; You may find that you can laugh at things instead of getting infuriated; Your contentment in life improves dramatically when you harness your ability to look at the world from a more spiritual perspective; Banana – Humility, awareness of not placing too much importance on your thoughts or beliefs in this situation; Potbelly – Bounty of nature; Consuming the sadness of the Universe and protecting the world; Learning to honor the values of others that may differ from your own; Seeing the beauty of diversity; Once you see the beauty of diversity, it will open you to recognizing and accepting the beauty that resides within you (Hartfield, 2016, pp. 69-70).



Leaving, uncombined, any deep cultural deception has resulted in avoidance of excess. With this “window of opportunity” I no longer take time off or cling to relationships that have ended, but instead reinstate my sense of self. Accepting things as they are, loving without judgment, living without predetermined opinions, accepting and expressing my true self, not being overly serious, honoring the values of others, and seeing the beauty of diversity, aligns my ego with my soul.

As a Result:

The day before the full moon I began craving a Newport. I hadn’t smoked since July 16, 2014; three years ago. I waited three days before buying a pack. I waited an hour before smoking. This was a portal. An odd one, but a portal nonetheless. Smoking, this time around, reconnected me to my childhood, my teens when I first started. While smoking I have felt more self-controlled, more like my Self. A week later, while sitting outdoors, a young man asked me for a cigarette, I confirmed he wasn’t a teen, then gave him one. He sat and we talked and we smoked. He played music on his phone’s stereo and a song came on that we both loved so we started singing and dancing in front of the passersby’s (something I hadn’t done since childhood). It felt so good and freeing and fulfilling and historical. I watched as he rolled his weed; this, too, reminded me of my past in a good way, although I didn’t smoke it with him. Having spent five years in graduate school I now realize how disconnected I had become from my roots, per Carter G. Woodson’s findings in The Mis-Education of the Negro.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

Hartfield, A. (2016). Whispers of lord ganesha. Blue Angel Publishing: Victoria, Australia.

Waite, A.E. (2012). The original rider waite tarot pack: Complete with instruction booklet. United States Games Systems: Stamford, CT. (Featured image)

Published June 24, 2017 12:34am — JCN

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