June 2017 Forecast

June 2017 Forecast: Reality Check


  1. Allow your intentions to align with right timing.
  2. Ease of action confirms you are on the right track.
  3. Be grateful instead of suspicious when life seems too easy.
  4. Be careful not to get stuck too far into dreamland with the danger of becoming irresponsible and ungrounded.
  5. Embrace your own reality.
  6. Keep yourself clear of unwanted intrusions from other people’s ideas, thoughts, attitudes, and non-congruent realities.
  7. Look at where you have compromised yourself based on fear or convenience.
  8. Family member’s reality is not your responsibility.
  9. If you have a different reality from your family it is time to honor it and give yourself permission to have it and live it.
  10. If you are not on the same page and your relatives are veering off from each other, it may be time to part ways.
  11. Make great strides in separating yourself from the reality you were born into.
  12. Reality checks that lead to unavoidable change in business.
  13. You will see very clearly if something is not “right” or if you are struggling along the wrong path.
  14. If you do not feel like the path is open before you in a supportive and positive way, perhaps you need to accept those signs and go back to the drawing board.
  15. It is important to not “stick it out” just because another person’s reality has an attachment to it.
  16. If the timing is right to begin something, you will feel the support of synchronicity and alignment.
  17. If something is complete, you will feel an absence of energy around it.
  18. What is not right will have trouble aligning.
  19. What is not right could make room for something that is.
  20. Pay attention to your inner compass.
  21. If you are not inspired you are probably playing out someone else’s reality.
  22. Give yourself time to feel into something before you decide.
  23. Perfect time to go on a retreat.
  24. Perfect time to be inspired by what you have.
  25. Do not get trapped into too much “doing.”
  26. Receive the gifts.
  27. Trust that all you have to do is notice the first breadcrumb and put one foot in front of the other and follow your nose.
  28. False Personality: Wants to set forth a plan, a manual, a blueprint written in stone.
  29. Look to your heart as the compass of your reality.
  30. Listen to the voice of your essence.
  31. Even with what you witness out there in the greater world, always ask yourself, “What is my reality right now, right here? How do I feel?”
  • Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism


Which are the breadcrumbs of my inner compass?

Tarot Cards Pulled:

  1. Ace of Cups (Upright) – Heart opening; The beginning of love, pleasure; The opening of psychic, spiritual, or unconscious channels; Receptivity/Inclined to receive; New opportunities for love; Overflowing feelings; Spiritual and material nurturance/nourishment and care; Gifts; Blessings; Love letter; Fertility/Productivity; Conception/Beginning; Birth; Marriage; Dreams. “I recognize this opportunity to express and accept love” (Greer, 2002, p. 248).
  2. The Emperor (Upright) – Father figures; The Animus/Masculine part of woman’s personality; The Boss; The King; A benevolent/well meaning dictator/ruler with total power and the security that comes under her rule; Established leadership; Power to achieve ambitions; Authority; Confidence; Assertion; Beginning and initiating new things; Action as the road to fulfillment; Life, passion, vision; Experiencing wholeness and unity within the self; Protecting and supporting someone/self; Ownership; Seeing natural and human resources as raw materials for building and construction. “I have the power and discipline to achieve my highest ambitions” (p. 235).
  3. Achievement (42)(Upright/Ganesh) – Surrounded by abundance; Surrounded by prosperity/comfort; Surrounded by luxury; Surrounded by quality; Surrounded by prestige/something that arouses admiration; Surrounded by sophistication; Surrounded by value; Surrounded by elegance; Success; If you walk on the path set by Ganesh, success and prosperity are guaranteed to always be by your side; The search for material success seldom brings with it achievement of spiritual goals; By actively developing your spirituality and consciously working with the Divine, you will experience positive flow-on effects in all areas of your existence; When you stay connected to your spiritual nature, you have a more serene mind; Develop an accepting perception of yourself; An accepting perception of yourself will help your heart open to spiritual matters; A high level of self-mastery, coupled with a high ethical practice, will increase the likelihood of enjoying material success; As more people discover the rewards of a more dynamic and fulfilling spiritual life, this success will become the norm in society and not an exception for a few eccentric individuals; The more relationships among human beings develop into true kinship, the more humanity can achieve beyond the present limits of knowledge and material measures of success; Become part of a brotherhood governed by love, working toward building a happier, more loving and productive global society (Hartfield, 2016, pp. 73-74).



My inner compass leaves me breadcrumbs that guide me toward the beginning of my achievement of spiritual goals like pleasure, reception, nourishment, total power, self-protection, comfort, admiration, and an accepting perception of myself.

As A Result:

During a conversation with a client who was asking me a question, I started to respond when she cut me off. All I could get out was “I don’t…”, when she interjected with a colonialized, prejudiced, assumed ending saying, “You don’t know.” Rather than secretly, inwardly, passively reprimand her, (per my usual), I immediately countered with, “No. I do know,” then continued on with my original train of thought. By accepting my own perception of my Self, my thoughts and my voice, I protected myself and, thereby, enacted total power over my State and Being. In this way, I realized pleasure and comfort as opposed to self-doubt and hate for my supposed opponent.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

Hartfield, A. (2016). Whispers of lord ganesha. Blue Angel Publishing: Victoria, Australia.

Waite, A.E. (2012). The original rider waite tarot pack: Complete with instruction booklet. United States Games Systems: Stamford, CT.


http://thefieldlab.blogspot.com/2016/09/a-festival-of-earthly-pleasures.html (Featured image)

Published June 12, 2017 5:53pm — JCN

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