January Forecast

January Forecast: Flexible Persistence


  1. If you throw a ball with aggression it will go farther than if you don’t.
  2. Sticking with a plan.
  3. Not getting attached to how things will manifest.
  4. Flexibility allows you to manifest in unexpected ways.
  5. Being persistent in starting over because getting it right is the ultimate goal.
  6. Spontaneous experiences.
  7. Resetting your priorities.
  8. Keeping your eyes on your own goals.
  9. Courting relationships that are worth putting energy into.
  10. Being drawn to relationships where you feel there is a real exchange of energy to fit your needs and desires.
  11. Our bodies are getting a sense of the reweaving of foundational patterns that is taking place.
  12. Eliminating unnecessary commitments.
  13. Yearning for something to inspire you to take the next step.
  14. Don’t be afraid of being a little more aggressive with what you desire for yourself.
  15. Making sure if you reject something it is because you are being discerning about what works for you and what does not.
  16. Being brave.



How can I use brave aggression and flexibility to take me to my next unexpected step?

Tarot Cards Pulled:

  1. 10 of Pentacles (Reversed): Rejecting tradition; Estrangement/No longer being on friendly terms or part of a social group/Alienation/Difference/Parting/Separation/Divorce/Breakup/Split; Family, organizational, or institutional problems of losses; Insecurity/Uncertainty about oneself/Anxiety about oneself/Lack of confidence/Self-doubt/Nervousness/Inhibition/Worry/Unease/Peril/Danger/The state of being open to danger or threat/Lack of protection/Weak/Flimsy/Unsound/Unsafe; Deprivation/Damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in a society/Poverty/Hardship/Need/Want/Distress/Withdrawal/Removal/Detachment/Denial; Feud/Take part in prolonged conflict/Differ; Advice ignored; Gambling; Burden of care; Encumbered/restricted/burdened by obligations; Squandered legacy. “I am rich in family and traditions” (Greer, 2002, p. 265).
  1. 6 of Cups (Reversed): Clinging to the past; Reactionary; The future; Soon to be; Resurrection/Rising from the dead/Revitalization/Revival; Releasing old responsibilities; “Can’t go home again”; Disintegration of ideals; Progressive; New technologies; Growing up; Being in the present; Redecorating; Transcending roots; Inner child work. “My greatest gift is friendship” (p. 257).



Unexpectedly, my next step will be to aggressively and flexibly redecorate my technology (i.e. social media) by releasing old responsibilities to social groups in which I have experienced prolonged conflict or burdensome obligations with those whom have failed to protect me.

As a Result:

I have disconnected from all social media relationships that lack a real exchange of energy to fit my needs.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

Waite, A.E. (2012). The original rider waite tarot pack: Complete with instruction booklet. United States Games Systems: Stamford, CT.


http://imagineorcasisland.com/featured-artists/ (Featured image)

Published January 8, 2017 1:00am — JCN

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