December Forecast

December Forecast: Compassion – The Higher Road


  1. Going about it alone is not effective or rewarding.
  2. Neutral state of nonjudgment.
  3. Wheel of evolution slowly turns away from the young soul.
  4. Masculine we are evolving from: Doing whatever it takes to get to the top.
  5. How have you judged yourself for not being smart enough?
  6. How have you judged yourself for not getting your life together?
  7. How have you judged yourself for putting yourself first?
  8. Give people room to grow, to change, to heal, to express their truth, and to be creative in their own way.
  9. Take a break and let what has been put into motion play itself out.
  10. How can your personal business, partnerships and projects serve you first?
  11. Tell the truth to others about what is truly important to you.
  12. Moving away from dysfunctional free-for-all relationships with no boundaries.
  13. Keep your eyes on the small goals you can easily accomplish.
  14. Set intentions about how you want to feel in your life in the future.
  15. Sharing your vision and prayers with others on the same page.
  16. Are you true to your moral compass?
  17. For things happening in your life that are less than “great”: Do I like it? No. Does it feel good? Not really. Is it necessary? Probably.
  18. Set good boundaries around your time and energy.
  19. Clarity of your direction.
  20. Which structures/containers are too small?


What can I do to move away from small, dysfunctional, free-for-all relationships with no boundaries, while still giving people room to grow?

Tarot Cards Pulled:

  1. 10 of Cups (Reversed): Leave-taking; Problems with relationships; Separation; Difficult gatherings; Disintegration of dreams; “Empty nest” syndrome; Rejecting family values; Lack of family or children; Unhealthy surplus; Inner emotional fulfillment; *Psychic wholeness. “I am at home with myself and those I love” (Greer, 2002, p. 264).
  2. Queen of Pentacles (Upright): Channels sensory information and practical knowledge; *Able to preserve/maintain in its original state and conserve/protect from harm; Is procreative/Produces new life. “I recognize the fertility of my soul and I plant seeds in prepared soil” (pp. 268-269).



Operating from psychic wholeness, I ensure my seeds are planted in prepared soil where they are sure to be preserved in their original state, protected from harm.

As A Result:

For the past few days I’ve desired to reconnect with someone with whom I’ve had a falling out. However, I now understand that our opposing perceptions of effective relating render us unable to unite in wholeness until we’ve individually prepared our soils for such a connection.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

Waite, A.E. (2012). The original rider waite tarot pack: Complete with instruction booklet. United States Games Systems: Stamford, CT. (Featured image)

JCN – December 9, 2016 10:27pm

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