Dream 3

Dreamed on November 25, 2016 9:22am


A Virgo who is able to bring back the dead by way of his vibration. A male in his late 20’s attends or works at a school in the forest. He is led by a woman, one of the teachers (?), through the forest and to the Virgonian scientist who is able to instill into others the power of life-giving. Once this has been done, the young man, who, as a result, is no longer depleted of energy, goes back into the forest and stumbles upon the dead body of another young male who died of fatigue while attempting to scale the same flat land that he had the day before. The man with the newfound power kneeled next to the corpse and, through their energy exchange, brought back to life the dead.

The End.


Improved as a result of my recent engagement with a Virgo; Actively attending to the shadow; Actively attending, with forethought, to the shadow; Actively attending, with forethought, to the shadow is the gateway to living; Life without energy isn’t living; Awakening the shadow means awakening the Third Eye; The Third Eye discerns the living from the dead; Action uncovers the shadow and the shadow uncovers the Third Eye and The Third Eye discerns life from death; Death by lack of living; To revive that which is dead: Live.

Tarot Cards Pulled:

  • The Chariot (Upright): Self-Discipline; Victory over the instincts; Successfully controlling some situation through the force of your personality; Confidence, optimism, and faith in your own abilities; Control of your physical environment and your body; *Control over nature by force of will; *Having a sense of direction, a plan; Harnessing all your forces toward your purpose; Your identity in the world; Testing what you have learned; Proving yourself and your abilities; *Dependence on your skills and abilities to move you instinctively through challenges; Setting forth on a journey, especially one of personal development; Making progress; Unresolved contradictions and tensions that are brought under control; *Imagining yourself to be beyond human limitations; Mastery; Conquest; Triumph. “By harnessing all my forces toward my purpose and controlling my fears, I victoriously meet my challenges” (Greer, 2002, p. 237).
  • Page of Cups (Reversed): *Resists love; Fears vulnerability; Boy or girl crazy; Seductive; Fawning/Exaggerated affection; *Over-sensitive; *Escapist; Either too romantic or unromantic; *Callous/Cold; *Dreams and intuition ignored; Withdrawn into fantasies; Pining away. “I am willing to risk loving” (p. 271).


Combined Interpretation:

My direction is Life. My plan is to Live. Imagining myself to be beyond human limitations, I take control of nature by depending on my skills and abilities to move me instinctively through challenges. No longer resistant to love, no longer over-sensitive, cold or escaping, I honor my dreams and intuition.

In Waking-Reality:

I decided to Live, to take the Virgo up on his offer to have an outing and get to know one another. It was an excellent time: Fluid conversation, humor, crisp autumn air, ocean, sunset, fireplace, yummy food, transparency, understanding, family histories, giving, and shared experiences.


Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

Waite, A.E. (2012). The original rider waite tarot pack: Complete with instruction booklet. United States Games Systems: Stamford, CT.

https://jeanraffa.wordpress.com/2011/05/07/the-earth-mother-archetype/ (Featured image)

Published: JCN – November 28, 2016 7:31pm

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