Dream 1

Dream 1: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 3:44am

Waking-life context:

On Monday, October 10, 2016, while reading over my lease I found out that I am unable to own or operate a business from my apartment. I have lived here for seven years and for the past two I have anticipated the day I would start my business and move to a new home, state, or country. So my reaction to the lease was exhilaration and a sense of freedom. Originally I thought I couldn’t leave until I saved enough money. Realizing I could leave sooner than anticipated I excitedly contemplated selling all my stuff and living in, and starting my business from, my car while I drove freely around the states exploring. That night I asked God to send me messages in my dreams to help me understand this newfound knowledge about my apartment and the potential to break free and wander. The following dream was the result . . .


I was to meet a man at his home, a charming flat made of brick. He lived in Europe or New York (?). Each house on his street was made of different shades of brick, browns and beiges, and each structure was built touching, one next to the other, no space in between. Each house had a staircase with about five to ten steps leading up to each front door. The neighborhood was quiet, residential, ample yet suitable income. There were medium trees along the sidewalks. The neighborhood reminded me of an entrance to a forest.

As I walked up to the home it was early evening, around 8:00pm, dark outside, winter. I wore the same backpack and attire I wear for long walks in waking-reality. It was as though I was coming home from traveling a long distance.

I knocked as I let myself in. I felt comfortable doing so given the nature of our relationship. Yet this depth also felt brand new. As he was expecting me, the door was unlocked. This was the first time I had been to his home, yet we had known each other for some time. We may have been on the phone with one another as I approached. As I entered his home I heard Golden Girls playing softly on the television. This warmed me and made me smile. I saw his light grey, short haired, adult cat near the window. I knew this might someday also be my home. That he and I would share it. And this warmed me.

As I entered he was standing in the small single person washroom, which was directly opposite the front door, with his back facing me yet we looked at one another through the medicine cabinet mirror he was standing in front of. It had been years since we saw one another. He wore a long light blue terry cloth robe. Underneath were plaid pajamas, a matching long sleeved top and pants. He turned and softly smiled at me. I smiled back and we quietly said hello from afar as he finished what he was doing, maybe brushing his teeth (?).

Still standing by the door I perused the living room to my right. I see against the wall a soft red plaid blanket on top of a large, plush cat pillow and beside it was a medium sized dollhouse made of wood, yet it was built for the cat. It was beige, red window frames, and dark brown roof. From my feeling of awkwardness I filled space by complimenting its cuteness. The cat may be in the kitchen that is through the family room. The man approaches calmly. He has a full grey beard, he’s tall, slim, refined, in his 50s, kind & loving face, responsible, mature, dedicated, trustworthy, wise, and committed. I’m in disbelief that I’m here. I wonder or I think he may ask me to marry him.

The End.


Safe structure; Ideal environment made of safe structures; Ideal environment is safe & diverse; Uniting with safe & diverse environment; Moving upward in order to unite with safe & diverse environment; This was heaven; I enter the unknown when I move upward toward heaven; This day is sacred; Prepared to move upward; Relationship of safety means moving upward; Moving upward opens portals; Heaven becomes reality; Joy becomes reality; Farsighted; Merging with fate; Man who cleanses his soul; Entering this portal cleanses the soul; Entering this portal is medicine; Medicine I have gone without; At home within self and at home within relationship; Through relationship comes nourishment; From reunion to union.

Tarot cards pulled for further clarification:

1) Two of Wands/Mars in Aries (Reversed) – Changes in difficult situation; Unforeseen turn of events; New perspectives; Unfulfilled longings; Wonder, awe; *An opening into another world or altered state. “I have the power of choice.” (Greer, 2002, p. 249)

2) 7 of Cups/Venus in Scorpio (Also current transit)(Reversed) – Clear, logical thinking; Making plans; *Setting priorities; Focus; Setting intentions; Illusions dispelled; Sublimation of desires (Desires raised to a higher status). “I acknowledge my fantasies, yet ask the universe to provide for my needs” (Greer, 2002, p. 259).


Combined Interpretation:

Mars and Venus unite; Mars rules Aries and Scorpio; Predominant Mars; Predominant masculine; Entrance of the male; Reunion with the male; *Setting priorities to open myself into another world of sacred union.

As a result:

I’ve made love relationships and friendships a goal, which they were not before. I now open myself to both these things and set my direction to become clear about what my husband and my “golden girls” (i.e. my tribe) might look like: Educators, therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, judges, magicians, tarot readers, astrologers, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, medicine women/men, priests/priestesses, healers — Anyone who uses her or his mind to heal the world.

Reference: Greer, M. (2002). Tarot for your self: A workbook for personal transformation. The Career Press: Pompton Plains, NJ.

*Images found on Google.

JCN – October 17, 2016 4:13pm

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